Why choose UIPM

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Why choose UIPM?

The basic reason is the UIPM provides insight into ways of thinking universally and associating and making friends with humanity in the world, by (http://www.eden-online.org/join-us/joined-members-list/)

A. Life Principles

  • God’s law is universal
  • Not discriminating according to the UN- Universal Declaration
  • All humanity has the right to higher education and to associate with humanity throughout the world.

B. Principles of Education

  • Being Universal, everyone can study wherever they are.
  • Flexible, effective, affordable costs for all levels of society.
  • The education system is designed flexibly and effectively. With the Online Learning system using    Secondlife, all students everywhere can directly interact and exchange opinions and information.
  • Using the Professional SLP (Short Learning Program) system, students learn independently and accelerate the learning process effectively.

C. Benefits

After graduating, students get a clue to step up to a dream to become:

  • International diplomatic
  • Members of international organizations
  • Leaders of international organizations
  • International Humanitarian Ambassador
  • humanitarian volunteer
  • A respected person in the world
  • And others



Benefits of Online Learning

Distance education is no more than attending school without leaving your home or place of work, getting an education without face-to-face contact with teachers and classmates, and studying when you can, if you wish. It simply means getting an education at your own pace.

Traditionally, distance learning was getting educated through correspondence courses where schools and students corresponded only by post. Not many important subjects were offered at the time but with the advent of digital technology, hundreds of courses are offered online, and though you may live far away in Bali, you can get an undergraduate degree from a top New York college.

Many people are choosing to enroll in online schools, colleges, and universities as an alternative to attending on-campus educational institutions for many reasons, the most important ones being its cost-effectiveness and affordability.

There are several reasons why distance learning is a good alternative (with many advantages), but it is not necessarily all ‘rosy’. And though the advantages of online education far outweigh the disadvantages, the concept of attending school over the internet is not only credible but also totally acceptable.

As more well-respected institutions of higher learning now offer online classes, employers are now more accepting of online earned degrees.

With the regular addition of more courses and the current possibilities of obtaining higher qualifications like Ph.D. and MSc, distance education is the future of education – global, seamless, cost-effective, and flexible.

Advantages of an Online Education

The flexibility of distance education gives many intending students and other individuals who desire to further their studies the opportunity to get an education that’s not only less expensive but also more convenient. Some never knew they’d have the opportunity or time to get an education. Now, they can earn a diploma, a degree, and even a master’s degree through studying online.

The process of attending distance education colleges include:

  1. Saving on time and money and reduced costs – Online education costs less for several reasons, one being because there are fewer expenses to incur – no commuting, less physical books, no living expenses, and no cost of expensive school-related supplies.
  2. Students have access to education anywhere and at any time, without limitations, restrictions, and location of study.
  3. Distance education students can work at a career and attend school because there are no schedule limitations. The self-paced study allows students to work at their own chosen pace, and classes can be ‘attended’ without the usual classwork pressure that obtains in an on-campus school.
  4. A distance learning student can enroll to study from any part of the world if there is an internet connection available there. This means you can live in Timbuktu and attend college in Iceland.
  5. Working with a computer and learning internet skills (essential) while studying, is a valuable experience and can open up networking opportunities that can be further applied to other facets of life.
  6. The tuition process can be self-paced, depending on how much time a student has available for studying. So, whether a student is a slow or fast learner, a self-paced tuition process is a great advantage. A slow learner can take his/her time to learn without pressure while the fast student can virtually ‘zip’ through an online course in half the time.
  7. Physically challenged students can study from home comfortably and unobtrusively without encountering all the usual challenges they may face in an on-campus educational institution.
  8. There are personalized instructions from tutors and student will find this beneficial, more than if they are stuck in a classroom filled with other students. A significant factor that drives the success of distance education is that it is done through electronic media. This is the means of educational interaction between tutors and students.
  9. Future employers will respect an online graduate’s time management skills – working at a full-time job and balancing it with distance education. Many prospective employers may see this as a positive, and a great drive to both further an education and a career.