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Vol. 3, Issue 5 (2018)

From balanced scorecard to the science of strategy execution: 25 years of research creating shared value and positive impact

Author(s): Ahmad J Naous, Layla Zahwi

Abstract: It’s been more than 25 years since Harvard Business School professor Dr. Robert S. Kaplan and cohort David P. Norton put forth the concept and research of the Balanced Scorecard, a practice of measuring whether the smaller-scale operational activities of a company are aligned with its larger-scale objectives in terms of vision and strategy. However, the culture and strategy remains relevant today. Things have changed from that time and the “science” of Strategy Execution is a broad concept to replace the “Balanced Scorecard” and “Execution Premium” to create shared value and positive Impact. It is now a clear “science”. The book “The science of Strategy Execution”: Creating Shared Value and Positive Impact is an extraordinary integration of management and practice from a strategy management perspective. Its objective to help readers make meaning from the Balanced Scorecard and Execution Premium. The result is an inspirational practice of the Balanced Scorecard and the Execution Premium that will resonate with every reader’s experience.more

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Miracle Sea External Medicine & Rice Clove Potionthat Can Cure Cancer

The Medication Therapy and Innovation of HRH. Princess Puteri Dayu Kencana Soekarno

ISBN: 978-620-2-06087-5
Editor: tseszpaul
Contributor : HRH. Princess Puteri Dayu Kencana Soekarno

* International Business Law in the Internet Era (online) *

Dr. Wahyu Widi Sasongko., MSc.LLM., PhD

Universal Institute of Professional Management (UIPM)

link : ResearchGate 


The development of the internet is very fast. So it takes a legal umbrella and mutual agreement between countries / nations to be able to overcome the problems of business law if there is a problem in doing business between nations (international). The mode of fraud in online business is very lively and growing, here in need of an international business legal umbrella, so that perpetrators of these crimes can be ensnared in law and businesses can do business comfortably with the existence of legal certainty.more

Bank Cooperation and Insurance Investment Products
Published July 17, 2008 Article Advocate, Legal Consultant (AKH) Closed
Tags: bank, investment insurance, Rini Pudjiastutik
by Rini Pudjiastutik, more

Moneylender Tricks Lure Clients

Published June 2, 2008 Articles of Advocates, Legal Consultants (AKH) Closed

Tags: interest, debtor, client, creditor, Civil Code, loan sharks, Rini Pudjiastutik 

By Rini Pudjiastutik, more

If Domestic Violence Overwrite a Secret Marriage

Published August 28, 2008 Article Advocates, Legal Consultants (AKH) Closed

Tags :, Domestic Violence, Secret Marriage

By Professor  DR. HRH. Princess Puteri Dayu Kencana Soekarno SH, more

Trapping Intellectual Actors Burning the Market

Published July 10, 2008 Advocate Articles, Legal Consultants (AKH) Closed

Tags ensnare intellectual actors, burning down the market

by Professor  DR. HRH. Princess Puteri Dayu Kencana Soekarno SH, more

The Legal Aspects of the Chain Murder Ryan

Published July 31, 2008 Article Advocate, Legal Consultant (AKH) Closed

Tag: legal aspects of the Ryani serial killer

by Oleh Professor  DR. HRH. Princess Puteri Dayu Kencana Soekarno SH, more